Juneteenth Business Expo


 June 19, 2023  

Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Empowering success

What is All About the South Carolina Juneeteenth Business Expo?

What Happens At The Expo

The South Carolina Juneteenth Business  Expo, is held  annually on June 19th,it  is a transformative event focused on BUSINESS GROWTH and PERSONAL GROWTH. Attendees can expect insights on reaching and expanding their audience through MOBILE PLATFORMS, NETWORKING and MARKETING STRATEGIES, and the IMPORTANCE OF MINDSET in FINANCIAL SUCCESS. The Expo offers BUSINESS CONSULTING, OPPORTUNITIES TO MONETIZE PERSONAL GIFTS, and a BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION  for showcasing businesses. It's a dynamic environment that empowers participants to elevate their businesses and unlock their potential. 


Senator Mike Fanning

"“SC Juneteenth Business Expo, 2023.” During Juneteenth we celebrate individuals coming together to fight for African American Freedom. One of the key components of TRUE freedom is “ECONOMIC freedom.” And, yesterday, as a part of this year’s Juneteenth Celebration, we focused on growing & supporting our local Black-Owned-Businesses. And not just helping them open… but REGULARLY buying from them - helping them stay in business! All this & more at yesterday’s SC Juneteenth Business Expo at The Gateway Conference Center in Chester. Three keynote speakers walked a packed room thru the steps to opening & growing your own business. Then, we had 10 “Business Spotlight Presentations” where we learned more about each business… their lessons learned… & how we all can better work together to support each other… collaborative economic freedom!Absolutely wonderful crowd came out to take part in this very unique Juneteenth Event. Great way to learn about local Black-Owned-Businesses here in our local communities… vendor tables everywhere… built-in-time to mix, mingle, & network… so much collective wisdom in the room together… creating ways to showcase our businesses… letting them shine! Delicious food, great conversations, & some invaluable information!Big shoutout to Wytricia Mack for putting together this amazingly unique Juneteenth Expo experience. Thank you for your vision & leadership! And to all the amazing vendors & small businesses… and her amazing team who helped put this on… Mistress of Ceremony Meshelin Green Evans,Kesha Horton, ALL those who came together to make this so amazing!What a wonderful way to celebrate Juneteenth 2023… with the SC Juneteenth Business Expo. Can’t wait ‘till next year! #scJUNETEENTHbusinessexpo2023"

Shawn Stewart Camps

"Had a great time speaking at the #Juneteeth Business Expo by the visionary Wytricia Mack I love speaking but I love being surrounded by like minded people. It was so much knowledge in the room. So excited for the next one!!"

Antonio Knox

"The South Carolina Juneteenth Business Expo was a great event. The event was organized by Wytricia Mack, and she did an outstanding job of bringing together local businesses from around South Carolina. Also, the speakers were fantastic. One Community Insurance was fortunate to be a vendor and enjoyed connecting with other local business owners."

Tinisha Springs

"🔥What an Awesome Business Expo today!! Wytricia Mack ♥️ Thank you for allowing me to be a part and serve as one of your sponsors. I like the way you Did what you Did for business owners and the community. Meshelin Green Evans great job as host and Awesome job to all who participated. We are All in this together and stronger United than apart. There is a Good Work to be done."

Justin Singletary

"The SC Juneteenth Business Expo was simply amazing‼️ The room was filled with old and new knowledge and so much wisdom‼️S/O to Wytricia Mack for putting this amazing event together because of your obedience God has so much more in store‼️Thank you for giving both my businesses (Real Estate & Trucking) the opportunity to be a spotlight within this event‼️Happy Juneteenth & Can’t wait until next year‼️

Iyshaa Denisa

"I truly enjoyed the SC Juneteenth Business Expo event. Thank you Wytricia Mack for an amazing event! It was great celebrating everyone’s success and networking. I get excited when I hear success stories and meet likeminded people. We must continue to uplift each other. Excellence!"